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 I am the parent of three children who graduated from Mounds View School District and have lived in Shoreview since 1996.  I was active as a coach in youth soccer and basketball at multiple age levels.  Coaching gave me an awareness of the importance of caring for each child/player and how a caring environment translates to the player's success on and off the field!

I have served in multiple non-profit organization boards facilitating strategic planning and implementation.  I have served in multiple roles on a youth soccer club board including field coordinator and president.  These roles gave me valuable experience through extensive collaboration with six cities and two school districts.

Mounds View school district soccer booster clubs was another area of board and leadership experience.  It was a real joy to be an announcer for many high school soccer games too.  GOOAALLL!  :-)

As an engineering manager with experience in safety-critical industries, I understand and appreciate the importance of a strong foundational education for those pursuing the trades or college! 

I have a proven track record of mentoring high performers, and forming collaborative teams across cultures and global geographies.  I know the importance of being an active listener to achieve positive outcomes, and to be an effective leader! 

As a certified flight instructor, I know that providing a safe and knowledge-based learning environment is essential to the student!

I am a volunteer Wings of Mercy Pilot and a 2021-trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer.

Building a safe and productive learning environment!

School Safety
School environments should be safe, caring, and free of fighting so that students can focus and have fun!

Parental RightS
PARENTS are primarily responsibile for their child's emotional and social development.  We encourage parents to be involved with, and support their student's educational journey!
Academic Achievement
Classrooms need to be a pathway for students to learn and grow.  academic achievement is our highest educational priority! 

The school board and administration need to embrace parental input and make parents a part of the public record.  Turn the camera back on for public commentS!

Principles of Education: 

Schools must be secure.
Parents are the primary governors of their children’s education. 
Teaching is a profession and should be treated as such.
Education is for the public good.
School should instill
a love of learning.

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